Monday, November 22, 2010

And yet more zebras!

Lookie at these adorable critters! These are teeny guys, smaller than SM! And look at the detail! They are just so cute and I love the way even their little tummies are painted.

And they come in Grants and Grevys!

So I had to group a few of them like a herd taking a dust bath.

EEEK! A skirmish breaks out!

The real thing:

Then this past week I lucked out and found this lovely Burchell's Zebra mare and her foal. They are porcelain and traditional scale. These are a Lynn Chase pair. Since I don't get to live show any more I've been perfecting my skills at photo showing. WOW these is some tough competition out there. These two were entered into the produce of dam class.
I wasn't so sure about how realistic the mare was because her stripes are so narrow but I found some pix as documentation.