Saturday, February 15, 2020

My NaMoPaiMo horse.
Rolling along adding and blending dappling. All of the dappling has been done with an eraser so far. I lift off dapples then go back and dust with a light coat of pastels, then go back and lift off the dapples again
I managed to goof up and get a shiny spot on the right side but it’s not showing in the photos. I sprayed with Dullcote tonight so I’ll see what the shiny spot looks like tomorrow.
I’ll add more color in this next layer, some burnt sienna and burnt umber, and start to create depth and contrast.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

After the holidays sale! Email me HERE to purchase. Prices are for USA. Worldwide add $10. Happy to combine shipping worldwide. Sale ends February 12, 2020.

Solid cast mules $25 ppd each.
Clear cast mules $35 ppd each.


I’ve added some detail pix of the clear casts so you can better appreciate their color!

Just a quick sneak peek of the next group (with more colors still to come) of Ice Resin Ventoso medallions! Think Mardi Gras!
I’m shooting for selling them on the Sunday before which would be Feb. 23. I’ll post details before then but just had to share. These are so colorful and fun!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Due to the loss of the archives and very limited usability of the current Yahoo Groups, I am going to use this format and hopefully bring my Half Fast Farms studio yahoo group followers a place to go that will allow you to see pictures and have the archives right here that can be searched. I’ve looked into other groups and mail servers, but you can easily follow this by signing up with your email in the box to the right. Updates will be delivered right to your inbox. I will post updates and sales pieces here.

In the works I have my NaMoPaiMo horse in progress! I’m trying something I haven’t tried before, which is creating a Rose Gray in pastels. I’ll most likely use colored pencils and oils on her too. She is a Deb McDermott LB scale Arabian mare whose name escapes me at the moment. She will be for sale upon completion.

Also in the works is this sales piece, the micro mini Kaladin sculpted by Maggie Bennett. He is very close to completion, needing only a few minor details.


Mardi Gras is just around the corner and with that in mind Ive been casting some Ice Resin Ventoso medallions in fun Mardi Gras colors! Here is a sneak peek of one. I’ll post a heads up before this group go up for sale. 

White resin casts of Ventoso are in stock and ready to ship. $40 ppd in USA. Email me HERE to purchase. 

Medallionopoly Mangalarga Marchador Mouthful!

Finished! SOLD. #studiothornrose sculpted by Kylee Parks Medallionopoly Mangalarga Marchador to a hair detail dark rose dapple gray. Real metal leaf purple background with variegated gold leaf border. $125 ppd in USA, add $12 for worldwide shipping.
Email me at

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